Finchley Central Town Centre’s first art trail

We love our high streets and the local people who make them vibrant and inviting. 
As a part of our 2021 events programme to make Finchley Central Town Centre a community destination, 9 local artists have teamed up with 9 local businesses to bring some of the amazing local creative talent. 
It is clear that Finchley has a wonderful community of creative individuals and a variety of diverse shops and restaurants along the high street. Through this art trail we wanted to highlight and celebrate both. 

The Finchley Central Arts Trail aims to support both local artists and businesses through the exhibition of artworks in participating high street shops, increasing footfall to the businesses and giving local artists exposure through the display of their work in shops.
Shoppers are invited to take a stroll along Ballards Lane and discover these brilliant artworks and local shops, where you can also collect 9 postcards that tell you a bit more about the artists and businesses.

You can download a pdf version of your art trail map here or pick up your copies from some of the participating businesses until March 2022.

Head past Church End Library, @finchleykitchen @bluebellesofportobello@tintico_london@nsuncafe@narsis_clinic@bellzcaribbean@thehousefinchley & Diamond Photos to see the works.